Red Yeast Rice

Beat cholesterol naturally

Beat Cholesterol Naturally? 
Is it possible? Yes it is with Red yeast rice
Today’s Cholesterol drugs ie. Statins had its origination in nature. In fact 80% of todays pharmaceutical drugs started off that way. If so , why do they almost have side effects? Well today’s big pharmaceutical companies

make their drugs by isolating the active ingredient , duplicating it and then turning it into a pill. The same active ingredient found in nature contains hundreds of other ingredients that work together as nature intended and no side effects! In the case of Red Yeast Rice the active ingredient is Monacolin K, It’s also known as lovastatin, the active ingredient in the prescription drug for cholesterol called Mevacor. So if you want to lower cholesterol naturally try RYCILLIN its made up of Red yeast rice , Cinnamon and Garcinia cambogia. Positive side effects besides cholesterol management. It will lower your blood sugar , increase your serotonin levels , boost your energy , detox you and trim off those extra pounds also!  More information about RYCILLIN click here

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