Amazing Benefits of Vitamins K2

Nature’s Artery Opener…Nobel Prize-winning discovery gets calcium out of your arteries and back into your bones, see below…

• Beyond chelation! • Beyond bypass! • Beyond blood thinners!

Calcium deposits tend to narrow the walls of your arteries. This is not unique , in fact its common! That’s because starting as early as your 20th birthday — calcium plaque starts to accumulate

in your arteries. 40-year-old arteries contain more calcium plaque. 50-year-old arteries contain even more. And, by 60… well — you get the picture…
Heart Attack 101:When artery walls get too narrow — blood can’t flow properly. And if blood can’t reach your heart — doctors call it a myocardial infarction — aka a “heart attack!” You might feel good and look good but this might be happening inside your arteries right now and you don’t know it! If calcium deposits are already narrowing the walls of your arteries… its a ticking time bomb! 
Researchers have discovered a safe, simple way to get calcium deposits out of arteries and keep your blood vessels clear! The name of this remarkable artery opener is Vitamin K2. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re in for an eye-opening discovery…
You’ve probably heard all your life that you need calcium for strong bones. But what you may not know is when that same calcium ends up in your arteries it can narrow your blood vessels and set you up for a heart disaster! Researchers call it “the calcium paradox.”
That’s because you need calcium for strong bones — but if it ends up in your arteries it can kill you! But how did the calcium get there?
Viramin K2 clears CalciumVitamin K2 acts like a shuttle service that directs calcium in your body and can safely pull calcium out of your arteries… and put it back in your bones where it belongs! When you’re deficient in Vitamin K2 — calcium goes rogue and ends up in the walls of your arteries — causing “calcified” — or rigid arteries! Its been proven that the lack of Vitamin K2 causes calcium to fail to be deposited in bones where it belongs and to be deposited instead in arteries, aorta, soft tissues including muscle, breast, kidneys and in heel spurs.
Before I go any further I want to clarify Vitamin K2 is NOT the ordinary Vitamin K found in green, leafy vegetables. Vitamin K2 – also known as menaquinone — is very different. Vitamin K2 is a key nutrient to control calcium utilization in your body.Vitamin K2 contains many subtypes includingMK-1 through MK-13…And based on clinical research the exact subtype you need to get calcium out of your arteries — and back into your bones is Vitamin K2 as MK-7! This was proven in a famous Rotterdam Study that uncovered the secret to whistle clean arteries…
For 10 years, researchers tracked and monitored 10,994 men and women — all over the age of 55. Volunteers were different in many ways but there was ONE thing they had in common: participants who had high Vitamin K2 intake had the lowest levels of calcium in their aortas. And, Vitamin K2 was also shown to… raise their artery-beneficial HDL, decrease total cholesterol and enhance arterial blood flow!
That’s just one of many scientific studies that show the artery-clearing benefits of Vitamin K2! Unfortunately , getting Vitamin K2 as MK-7 from foods — is like finding a needle in a haystack! What about supplement stores and pharmacies. Unfortunately many of these don’t stock Vitamin K2 and if they do its rare and low dosage. Fortunately The Healing Altar has the exact form of Vitamin K2 as MK-7 to remove calcium deposits in arteries.
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Beat cholesterol naturally

Beat Cholesterol Naturally? 
Is it possible? Yes it is with Red yeast rice
Today’s Cholesterol drugs ie. Statins had its origination in nature. In fact 80% of todays pharmaceutical drugs started off that way. If so , why do they almost have side effects? Well today’s big pharmaceutical companies

make their drugs by isolating the active ingredient , duplicating it and then turning it into a pill. The same active ingredient found in nature contains hundreds of other ingredients that work together as nature intended and no side effects! In the case of Red Yeast Rice the active ingredient is Monacolin K, It’s also known as lovastatin, the active ingredient in the prescription drug for cholesterol called Mevacor. So if you want to lower cholesterol naturally try RYCILLIN its made up of Red yeast rice , Cinnamon and Garcinia cambogia. Positive side effects besides cholesterol management. It will lower your blood sugar , increase your serotonin levels , boost your energy , detox you and trim off those extra pounds also!  More information about RYCILLIN click here

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Natural Solutions for Diabetes?

A natural solution that works! 
As with any disease or condition, doctors and researchers are constantly seeking new ways to treat and manage diabetes. People are more concerned about using harsh, synthetic medications than ever before. Conventional Diabetes treatment

offers little hope and creates continual dependence on drugs that are designed to relieve your symptoms. In many cases , those suffering from Diabetes barely get through the day , as sick as ever and symptoms still persist. Are you one of those? Taking diabetic drugs and still have burning feet , tiredness , frequent urination , numbness , erectile dysfunction? Struggling to get your blood sugar under control despite the drugs and strict diet control? THERE IS HOPE! Fortunately nature offers many solutions that target Diabetes at the root cause! The Healing Altar’s newest release. TRYZILANTryzilan contains some of the most potent natural substances that work towards relieving Diabetes and often reversing Diabetes type 2.Moringa , Cinnamon , Bitter Gourd and Fenugreek. These are have proven to lower your blood sugar levels and all the symptoms associated with Diabetes. The Healing Altar has been treating Diabetic patients with this formulation for years and the results have been outstanding! Perfect blood sugar levels! If you are Diabetic or love someone that is , releive the suffering try TRYZILAN. For more information about TRYZILAN  click here.

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Amazing benefits of this tea

Turmeric and Ginger tea
Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale)
Ginger root is a native of South East Asia and is a mainstay of Asian cuisine. While it is best known

for its culinary uses, ginger root also has a range of therapeutic properties. It is best known as a traditional remedy for various digestive complaints like bloating, indigestion and diarrhea. It is also a great remedy for nausea and respiratory complaints such as colds and congestion.
Turmeric (Curcuma longa)
Turmeric is a spice derived from the same Zingiberaceae family as ginger. It is also native to South East Asia and is also a popular ingredient in the kitchen especially as a spice for Indian curries. The turmeric root is harvested before being boiled and dried then ground into the beautiful, vivid orange colored powder that you are familiar with.
Like ginger root, turmeric possesses a very impressive range of medicinal properties and therapeutic uses. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for years to treat illnesses ranging from digestive complaints and liver illness to skin sores and respiration. Click here to read a full article on the heath benefits of turmeric.
More Valuable Together
Turmeric and ginger contain a vast wealth of medicinal benefits when you use them alone but when they are combined to make a ginger turmeric tea, you will get even more value from your products. The various phytochemicals contained in both ginger and turmeric, interact well together to give you greater potency.
Ginger contains compounds known as gingerols which have been well researched and are known to help enhance bioavailability. This means they they help you to absorb the nutrients from other foods. The main active compound in turmeric is called curcumin. It is typically not well absorbed but when combined with ginger, the curcumin is better absorbed by the body meaning you should get more value from your tea.
Ginger Turmeric Tea Health Benefits1) Anti-Inflammatory
Both turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory actions that have been well documented. When used in combination, these herbs can relieve swelling in the body and help alleviate the associated pain.
Numerous studies have demonstrated that turmeric can help treat a range of inflammatory conditions including indigestion, swelling in the joints, rheumatism, arthritis and IBS. (1)
Ginger is also a natural anti-inflammatory food. According to one piece of research, it has similar effects to commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medications or NSAIDs. According to researchers, ginger is a potentially effective and much safer remedy than prescription NSAIDs for inflammation and pain. (2)
2) Diabetes Management
Ginger turmeric tea can have a very positive effect on blood sugar levels and help people with diabetics keep their levels under control.
Studies have found that both turmeric and ginger help to reduce fasting blood glucose levels and also relieve oxidative stress. (3) One study published in 2009 found curcumin helped suppress blood sugar levels and also keep cholesterol levels in check. (4)
3) Anti-Bacterial properties
Both ginger and turmeric have powerful antimicrobial properties. One study compared the antibacterial activity of ginger with commonly prescribed antibiotics and found it could kill various strains as well as conventional antibiotics. (5)
Curcumin has also demonstrated powerful anti-fungal abilities in the lab. (6) A combination of these two herbs will exert very powerful antimicrobial actions on the body.
4) Cancer Prevention
Several studies have demonstrated that both turmeric and ginger may protect us from cancer. One study concluded that curcumin had anti-cancer effects and could suppress the initiation and progression of various tumors. (7)
Various studies have demonstrated that ginger is effective against gastrointestinal, breast and ovarian cancers. Studies into the effects of turmeric suggest it is may be effective against lung and bladder cancer. Researchers believe that the antioxidant properties of the herbs are mostly responsible for these effects. (8)
5) Brain Health
The antioxidants contained in the herbs may also play a vital role in cognitive health and protect against cognitive decline.Researchers have found that a compound contained in ginger called 6-shogaol has anti-inflammatory effects on the brain and may help improve memory. According to researchers it may help naturally treat some of the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s. (9)
Not to be outshone, turmeric has also displayed excellent effects on the symptoms of dementia. One study found that when Alzheimer’s patients took turmeric as a supplement for a year, they had significant improvements. (10) A population study also showed that in countries like India where turmeric is used more frequently as an ingredient, dementia is less common. (11)
6) Heart Health
Both ginger and curcumin can have a very positive impact on the health of your heart in a variety of ways.
One study found that curcumin extract helped reduce blood clots and prevented inflammation and irregular heartbeats. (12) Similarly, studies have found that ginger has various heart health benefits. Two studies have demonstrated that ginger could help prevent palpitations and reduce high blood pressure. (13) (14)
Turmeric ginger tea can also benefit the heart by improving blood circulation and relieving the strain on your cardiovascular system.
Another way this tea can benefit your heart is by reducing your cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is a major risk factor in heart disease. Studies have found that both turmeric and ginger can have a significant effect on cholesterol levels. (15) (16)
7) Digestive Health
Ginger and turmeric either consumed alone or in tandem can relieve a variety of digestive ills. Studies have demonstrated that ginger helps reduce inflammation of the stomach, aids the passage of food and helps relieve indigestion. (17) (18) Other studies have found that ginger can help prevent vomiting and feelings of nausea. (19)
Turmeric has also demonstrated positive effects on digestion. The curcumin found in turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and effective in treating indigestion, IBS, GERD and Crohn’s disease. (20)
8) Skin Health
Because of their antioxidant and antibacterial abilities, both herbs are a great tonic for your skin. Turmeric in particular has long been used to help treat various chronic skin complaints like acne, eczema and psoriasis.
9) Emotional Well-Being
Tea made with ginger and turmeric can also help overcome feelings of depression and help elevate your mood. The curcumin in turmeric has can stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine which have antidepressant effects. (21)
Ginger too has a similar effect because of the presence of geraniol which can protect against stress. A combination of these herbs in the form of a tea may be just the tonic you needed to get back to emotional health.
10) Weight Loss
Ginger turmeric tea might help you control your weight or even lose a few unwanted pounds as part of an overall diet and exercise plan. One study found that curcumin could positively impact weight management especially in overweight people. (22)
How To Make Ginger Turmeric Tea
It is very simple to make your own healthy ginger turmeric tea by following these instructions:
You Need
A teaspoon of grated ginger root and the same amount of grated turmeric.If you are using powdered turmeric or ginger, use a third of a teaspoon.¼ teaspoon black pepper.Optional lemon and honey to taste.

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Enrich your Shampoo

Everyone wants longer and thicker hair. This is also helpful for thinning hair or hair loss. Fortunately, natural remedies can be incorporated into your shampoo to develop beautiful hair.
Buy a simple shampoo , not the expensive kind with added expensive chemicals. Then follow the directions below. This will nourish and restore your hair and promote growth.


3 tablespoons of castor oil

200 ml of simple shampoo

30 ml of olive oil

15 ml of honey

30 drops rosemary essential oil

Add directly into the shampoo bottle and shake well before every use. Use as you would normal shampoo. 

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Phyto-chemical foods lower your cancer risk

There are foods that can help you prevent diseases like cancer. Studies show that a diet rich with colorful fruits and veggies…is key in the prevention of debilitating diseases like

heart disease, diabetes and cancer. What is it about brightly colored fruits and veggies that helps fight off these destructive chronic diseases? Phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are found in plant-based foods such as fruits and veggies…grains and beans and are promoted in the prevention and treatment of many health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Because phytochemicals are found in virtually all fruits veggies, grains and beans that we eat, it is quite easy to include them in your diet.A few phytochemicals may be already be very familiar to you such as beta carotene, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), folic acid and vitamin E.Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains has long been advocated by health care practitioners…and its no secret that throughout history cultures that consume this type of diet have lower rates of certain types of cancers as well as heart disease. The same foods continue to prove their worth in the war against modern diseases. Most cancers can be avoided with simple lifestyle changes such as eating more brightly colored fruits, veggies and other “plant” foods that contain these “warriors” of disease…phytochemicals. Here’s a short list of foods that are high in phytochemicals: Broccoli, Berries, Pears, Turnips, Celery, Carrots, Spinach, Apples, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Bok Choy, Kale, Onions Seeds, Cantaloupe, Spinach, Garlic, Green Tea, Apricots and Soybeans

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Why Cleanse the Colon?

Cleanse your colon , Feel Great!
Colon cleansing will improve your body’s overall health and wellness, and best of all you will feel great!
Why do it? 10 reasons

As the colon is cleansed, it pushes waste through your system, clearing the way for good nutrient absorption. A clean colon from a colon detox allows waste to pass easily.
Constipation — especially when it’s chronic — causes a sluggish digestive response, which in turn leaves waste in the system longer. This increases the likelihood of certain conditions and irritations, such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
Releasing the toxins from your body is rejuvenating because it refocuses the energy usually used for forcing waste through your intestines to other parts of your body. People who have undergone colon detoxification say they have better blood circulation, more restful sleep, and a boost in energy.
A colon that’s been cleansed allows only water, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream, creating an unobstructed path for essential nutrients to filter into your body.
Poor diet and ineffective vitamin absorption can cause you to become distracted and lose your concentration. The buildup of mucous and toxins in your colon can keep your body from getting what it needs to function, even if you eat a consistently healthy diet. Cleansing the colon with a detox diet can be the difference between feeling alert and not being able to focus. This has far-reaching ramifications for work, your relationships, and your overall health.
Foods lacking in fiber move through the digestive tract at one-quarter the pace of high-fiber choices. This slow-moving food produces excess mucous that literally sticks to the intestinal walls, weighing the intestinal tract down with pounds of decaying fecal matter.
Colon cleansing has the potential to aid weight loss; some people claim to have lost up to 20 pounds over the course of a month. The average human colon weighs about four pounds empty and can hold up to eight meals’ worth of food before digestion finally occurs. A colon cleansing can result in significant weight loss and kick-start your metabolism, as well as refocus your attention on better food choices and whole-body wellness.
All the toxins that you eat, drink, breathe, and absorb through your skin end up processed by your gastrointestinal system, kidneys, and liver. If they’re not forced from your organs as quickly as possible, they can wreak havoc on your body’s systems. By releasing stagnant body waste, you reduce the causes and the risk of polyps, cysts and cancerous growths in your colon and gastrointestinal tract.
Colon cleansing, as well as increased fiber intake and healthy food choices, improves regularity and helps keep your weight under control. Fat is estrogen-based, and if too much is present, becoming pregnant becomes more difficult. A colon that is weighed down by years of buildup can also press on the uterus and surrounding reproductive organs in women, causing strain.
Colon cleansing rids the body of many chemicals and toxins that affect the egg and sperm. Many naturopaths recommend that both partners undergo colon cleansing before attempting pregnancy.
Foods that cause colon blockages are acid-forming — particularly high-protein diets without enough fiber. This leads to general malaise in the body. The colon’s tissue eventually becomes inflamed, reducing its ability to do its job, which is to allow only water, minerals and vitamins to pass into the bloodstream. If yeasts, molds, fungus, bacteria, parasites or fecal material enter the bloodstream and connected tissue, the body’s pH will be thrown out of balance.
Ridding the colon of waste and toxins by releasing layers of colon buildup can lead to feelings of lightness, increased energy, and overall good health.
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Natural Multi-Nutrient Moringa

If you were taught that taking your vitamins every day was a vital part of staying healthy—right up there with brushing your teeth and eating your veggies—you’re not alone. For decades, doctors recommended multivitamins as an easy way to fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet. But recent research suggests

the benefits of man made multivitamins might be highly overrated. Is it time to toss your multis? Here’s what you should know. Firstly you do need multivitamins, mainly because of the quality of our fruit and veggies nowadays.It would be overkill to say that the carrot you eat today has very little nutrition in it—especially compared to some of the other less healthy foods you likely also eat—but it is true that fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today. The main culprit in this disturbing nutritional trend is soil depletion: Modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows. Sadly, each successive generation of fast-growing, pest-resistant carrot is truly less good for you than the one before. So you definitely need to take vitamin supplements, so, what do you take? Unfortunately many man made vitamins are not fully bioavailable when ingested and even the best brands are not effective. Its likened to making expensive urine , that’s because so much of the vitamins pass out of your body instead of absorbing into your bloodstream. The best would be a natural multi vitamin.So which herb or plant is best? In a recent study, the World Vegetable Center in Taiwan compared 120 types of food and found that moringa had the highest nutritional content of all. This plant packs a whopping 92 nutrients , 46 anti-oxidants and numerous amino acids that your body needs. The best part is you get full absorption with moringa , nothing is lost! Moringa can be taken as tea or the powder in smoothies , drinks etc…Perhaps the most convenient way of taking moringa would be in a capsulised form. Metered dosages, full absorption and convenient.
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What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt?

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt. So you’ve been hearing about this amazing Himalayan crystal salt for the last few years, and now you’re wondering, is it really better than

sea salt or table salt? How does it benefit my body compared to those other salts? Boasting a huge variety of minerals and impeccably clean, it’s a wonderful alternative to table salt and an exciting new staple to add to your pantry.
The History
First of all, what makes Himalayan crystal salt so amazing? About 200 million years ago, the Earth held many crystallized sea salt beds covered with lava. Because this salt was subsequently enveloped in snow and ice for millennia, it was protected from modern day pollution and preserved in an untouched, pristine environment.The Himalayan mountain range goes across Asia, and passes through China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and India. Many people believe that this pink salt is the purest salt that can be found on the planet.
Minerals and Energy
Himalayan salt contains the same 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in the human body, a few of which include sodium chloride, sulphate, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. When consuming this salt, you are actually getting less sodium intake per serving than regular table salt because it is less refined and the pieces are larger. Therefore Himalayan salt has less sodium per serving because the crystals or flakes take up less room than the highly processed table salt variety.Another great thing about this salt is that, because of its unique cellular structure, it stores vibrational energy. The minerals in this salt exist in colloidal form, which means that they are small enough for our cells to absorb easily.
What Exactly Are the Benefits?
Below are some of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy by consuming this salt in place of regular table salt:
Aids in vascular health
Supports healthy lungs and respiratory function
Promotes a stable pH balance within the cells
Reduces the signs of aging
Promotes healthy sleep patterns
Increases libido
Prevents muscle cramps
Increases hydration
Strengthen bones
Lowers blood pressure
Improves circulation
Detoxifies the body of heavy metals
Comparing Himalayan Salt to Other Salts
Sea SaltWhile still a better choice than table salt, sea salt is becoming increasingly processed and, let’s face it: Our oceans are becoming more and more polluted each year. Because of the pristine conditions that Himalayan salt has been kept in, it is said to be the purest salt available today.Table SaltCommercial table salt is completely stripped of the majority of its minerals with the exception of sodium and chloride. It is then bleached, cleaned with chemicals, and heated at extremely high temperatures. The iodine added to table salt is almost always synthetic, which is difficult for our bodies absorb properly. It is treated with anti-caking agents, which prevent the salt from dissolving in water and clumping in the salt container. These same agents then prevent the salt from absorbing into our own bodies, which leads to a buildup and deposit within the organs. This can cause severe health problems. Studies have shown that for each gram of table salt consumed that the body cannot process, your body will use 20 TIMES the amount of cellular water to neutralize the sodium chloride present in this chemically treated salt.This is largely the reason why salt has gotten such a bad name over the years. It is not necessarily salt that is unhealthy for us, but rather, refined table salt. Aside from that, many of us are consuming way too much processed food. These foods contain astronomical amounts of salt, and it isn’t the good kind. It’s not about limiting our intake of salt; it’s about consuming more natural, homemade, whole foods. This way we can add salt while cooking or sprinkle some on our meals without having to worry about high blood pressure and so on.
Himalayan Salt Uses
Cooking and curing Always use pre-ground salt or grinders like any other kind of salt.Salt Slabs — Slabs will impart a better taste and mineral content.
Chilled: Use under fruits, sushi, veggies, or cheese as a decoration.
Frozen: Use beneath cold desserts and sorbets.
Heated: Slabs can be used to sear veggies, shrimp, fish fillets, and thinly sliced beef, and you can even fry eggs. Dense salt blocks conduct heat amazingly.
Himalayan salt is also naturally anti-microbial, so cleanup requires only a simple scrub or rinse.Bathing — Enjoy a detoxifying Himalayan salt bath. Its nutrients will stimulate your circulation and soothe sore muscles. Himalayan salt contains 80+ nourishing and skin-friendly minerals, so this bath will provide a healing and amazingly therapeutic experience for both body.

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Turmeric As Effective As many drugs?

Science Confirms Turmeric As Effective As many drugs.
Turmeric is one the most researched plants today, over 5600 clinical trials and biomedical studies have been conducted on this plant.A number of studies have concluded that it compares favorably

to a variety of conventional medications, including:
Lipitor/Atorvastatin(cholesterol medication): A 2008 study published in the journal Drugs in R & D found that a standardized preparation of curcuminoids from Turmeric compared favorably to the drug atorvastatin (trade name Lipitor) 
Corticosteroids (steroid medications): A 1999 study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that the primary polyphenol in turmeric, the saffron colored pigment known as curcumin, compared favorably to steroids in the management of chronic anterior uveitis, an inflammatory eye disease.
Prozac/Fluoxetine & Imipramine (antidepressants): A 2011 study published in the journal Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica found that curcumin compared favorably to both drugs in reducing depressive behavior in an animal model.
Aspirin (blood thinner): A 1986 in vitro and ex vivo study published in the journal Arzneimittelforschung found that curcumin has anti-platelet and prostacyclin modulating effects compared to aspirin, indicating it may have value in patients prone to vascular thrombosis and requiring anti-arthritis therapy.
Anti-inflammatory Drugs: A 2004 study published in the journal Oncogene found that curcumin (as well as resveratrol) were effective alternatives to the drugs aspirin, ibuprofen, sulindac, phenylbutazone, naproxen, indomethacin, diclofenac, dexamethasone, celecoxib, and tamoxifen in exerting anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative activity against tumor cells.
Metformin (diabetes drug): A 2009 study published in the journal Biochemitry and Biophysical Research Community explored how curcumin might be valuable in treating diabetes, finding that it activates AMPK (which increases glucose uptake) and suppresses gluconeogenic gene expression (which suppresses glucose production in the liver) in hepatoma cells. Interestingly, they found curcumin to be 500 times to 100,000 times (in the form known as tetrahydrocurcuminoids(THC)) more potent than metformin in activating AMPK 
Another way in which turmeric and its components reveal their remarkable therapeutic properties is in research on drug resistant- and multi-drug resistant cancers. While there are dozens of substances with demonstrable efficacy against these chemotherapy- and radiation-resistant cancers, curcumin tops both lists:
Considering how powerful this amazing plant is , wisdom dictates daily consumption as a nutraceutical supplement rather than heroic dosages when illness sets in. When purchasing Turmeric supplements , ensure that it contains piperine. Turmeric is not readily bio-available, however the addition of piperine increases the absorption rate into your body by more than 2000%

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